Bron Trek Master

This novel is a record of one pre-civilized tribe intent on finding new resources while a dominant tribe tries to prevent them from leaving their present area.

Hope for a better area to live in is provided by Bron, an exile who has returned from a region no human has ever returned from. Bron is not chosen as community leader, but agrees to be a guide to a region the local poet has named The Valley of Light while calling their present domicile The Valley of Darkness. Not only does Bron serve as trusted pathfinder, but finds himself frequently in the role of community hero called to save the group from some unexpected danger.

The struggling community finds itself fleeing cannibals, facing child loss, staggering under earthquake, overcoming mountain wild weather, confronting wild animals, and dealing with group rebellion on their way to a new paradise with its own set of problems.

The group overcomes every obstacle, yet suffers the frustrations and fatalism of daily living faced by any group in any time or place. Yet they discover face-to-face love making, fire-making, and the value of compromise-making in one short novel covering the actual time frame for such adventure of several centuries. All in one entertaining story.