The Case of the Locked Drawer

The victim was found sprawled on a desk in which a locked drawer contained the murder weapon. Who killed the victim? Why was the weapon in the locked drawer? How did the weapon get into the locked drawer?

All these questions had to be answered to solve the crime—and the police hadn’t done it in two years. How was Etta to do it using only her telephone and computer—Mephistopheles?

Just to complicate things, her granddaughter—whom she raised from childhood—fell in love with a billionaire. The grandma raised the child when Etta’s daughter, the girl’s mother was murdered—along with the girl’s father—in a home-invasion robbery. The billionaire, to protect the older folk, provided a team of FBI-trained detectives to protect Etta.

As if in response to this challenge, the murderer appears after quarter of a century The custodial care of the detectives is so close and prevalent that 92-year-old Wheelchair bound Etta and her husband—96 years old—decide to flee to the site of the locked drawer mystery to seek answers to that murder.

The escape of the nonagenarians from the oversight of two FBI-trained detectives is a highlight for many readers. Etta solves that murder, but can she evade the murderer of her daughter now that he has identified her. Read the exciting conclusion to find out.