About the Author

Larry Winebrenner was born on Parris Island Marine base, son of Lawrence Murray Winebrenner, Sr. Therefore he is a “Jr.” but have you ever tried writing a thirty-five letter into a form? Thus, Larry Winebrenner. No problemo. His grandfather carried the name “Larry Winebrenner.” His Great-great-grandfather the name “Larry Logsdon.” No telling how far back “Larry” went. So Larry is fine.

Not to neglect the matri-lineal side, his mother was Mary Marguerite “Margie” Martin. How’s that for a bunch of m’s?

Wife: Joyce Opal Embry, and a bunch of kids–Ceal, Murray, Charles, Paul, and Karen—round out the family. Except for the “‘Lebenty dozen’ grandbabies, most old enough to object being called babies. One is thrice a mother!

Larry served in the U. S. Navy, is an ordained United Methodist clergy, and is professor emeritus at the nation’s largest college–Miami-Dade College–where he taught for thirty-three years. The question has always been, “Did he have thirty-three years experience or one year’s experience thirty-three times?”

While teaching he wrote several scripts for audio-visual programs for the college, for HEW, and for local businesses. He wrote an internationally used textbook on poverty, and co-authored a textbook for general social science.

His hobbies are reading, writing, genealogy, cooking, public speaking, oral story-telling, fishing, travel, bible study, watching football, computers, eating, and amateur brain surgery when he can find volunteers. He used to like playing marbles and outdoor camping. He took his family on a canoe trip in Canada–camping and fishing for a week. For several years he’s attempted to get them to make another trip. Just because they found a canteen crushed by a bear bite, they won’t go again.

He has written murder mysteries, prehistoric adventures, a suspense/mystery novel set in the Holy Land during the time of the Roman empire, a contemporary suspense novel, a scifi novel, and is currently working on a biography, a religious novel, two follow-up novels on books already written, and a couple of autobiographical sketches.