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To Steal an Election – Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

To Steal an Election

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This frenetically paced thriller is capable of keeping just about any action junkie happy.
Raymond Muirel, ex-marine, is not the guy you want surviving when you kill his wife and his friends by mistake. He may be missing a leg, but he makes up for it in determination, combat experience, and good old wily Southern ingenuity. Ray is the victim of an impossibly vast, and occasionally hard-to-believe conspiracy to steal the coming election of the President of the United States, and those in charge will stop at nothing to hunt down anyone who might interfere. Never having lived in the South, I couldn’t tell if some things the writer included might cross the line into racism, but they made me a bit uncomfortable. Still, that was a small part of the story. I always enjoy Robin Hood type stories, and when Ray enlists his children into the fight, it really gets good. A fun, absorbing, fast-paced read.
Mariana LaGrange, head of a congressional investigating committee, is on a minibus next to the one filled with church folks including our protagonist as they drive through South Carolina. A helicopter confuses the two vehicles and next thing everyone is dead. All but our hero, who is blown into a ditch minus his prosthetic leg. I had to wait a few chapters to get his name, and it’s from someone who calls him Ray in passing. Homeless folks and conspiracy theorists abound, as Ray tries to get himself out of the trouble zone, with at least one sheriff involved in the cover-up. Switching from wheelchair to crutches, Ray, an ex-Marine, moves as fast as he can.