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The Case of the Locked Apartment – Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The Case of the Locked Apartment

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An engaging and lively novel, Larry Winebrenner takes the reader on a journey of murder, deception and suspense. From the rooms of the Epworth Village Retirement Community in Florida, to the back roads of Georgia, I took the bait and followed the plot through a series of clues and subterfuge, building to an exciting reveal.
This crime mystery is much more than riveting suspense. You more than get the “bang for the buck”so to speak; it takes you on an unusual journey stripping you of beliefs long assumed regarding the elderly. Enter Etta Derringer’s 92 year old life and you will have to run to keep pace. She’s tough, intense, and will run you over with her wheelchair if you stand in her way while she is solving yet another mystery. Retired? No way. Epworth Villiage where she resides is not your typical retirement community. All ears and hearing aides aboard!
Second in the Henri Derringer mystery series, following The Case of the Locked Drawer, this book begins in the apartment complex in Florida where a comfortable life is enjoyed by elderly residents, including Henri herself, or Etta as Henrietta prefers to be called. She solves cold cases to keep her ageing mind sharp, and has no inkling that a murder is about to occur near her home.