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What To Look For

Most mystery buffs if asked what they look for in a mystery novel will likely say clues. The truth of the matter is they are looking for entertainment, joyful reading, a puzzle not easy to solve, but not impossible either. They want believable characters, even kind villains and deplorable heroes.

That is my goal in all my books–mystery, thriller, stone age, biblical history. Etta is a 92-year-old, wheelchair bound woman, but reviewers love her. None have said that she is not believable. In fact, one reviewer claimed there was more character interaction than mystery in The Case of the Locked Drawer, but virtually all other reviewers seem interested in the story and felt there was mystery enough by the intrigue, talking computer Mephistopheles, twists, unseemly yet believable behavior of elders, and character development.

I am interested in what you are looking for in a mystery novel. Drop me a line in the comment section below. Comment, if you like, on any or all of my books, but please tell me what you look for in a mystery novel. It is permissible to disagree with me. I’m not looking for confirmation of my ideas, rather expression of your ideas.